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My Story of How I Support Healthy Life

Hi Everyone,

Just dropping you a few lines to share what i have been up to lately.

Now, I am actually working on my profession clinical program for a year later, I used all of my time to concern about this activities. This program is forcing me to be more active and care to others because I have to be involved in some hospitals, asylum and communities directly. Sharing some experiences from some youth across 10 countries make me become open minded. That is why, now I am involved as a volunteer of BSMI (Bulan Sabit Merah Indonesia), such kind of social organization which is concern on giving health education, medication, social activities to support healthy life in society.
I had a program namely “TBCall”, it kind of program which is concern on giving screening and giving health education to the society about how important of keeping their body out of TB (tuberculoses) cases. Because some people in my community still consider that TBC is not harmful disease. Beyond our expectations, this …