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Dear Mate,

It was a beautiful Friday Evening,

my friends and I (or 9-Mb-Ers) and other ADS awardee went to Australia general Consulate.
Frankly, we (9-Mb-Ers) did not know the address, so Kak Asri ask someone in the Information desk of IALF how to get there. He got the map, finally.

It made us more relief then.

Some of us joint with bu Risa's Car, while the others rode their motorbikes. I joint with bu Risa's car of course.
Kak Ichal and Kak Edy tried to find the way of getting the place by using their gadgets- just call this as GPS-GOOGLE MAPs. Their BB or Tab were very useful in this case.
Map and Gadgets did not help us a lot, in fact we got lost. We did not know where we were until Pak Rijal (bu Risa' husband) asked someone in the edge of the way.

Thank God, finally we could get there. safely and on time. haha

When we entered the General Consulate of Australia, we found our teacher, Angela. And of course taking pictures with her. It's time to be so narcissistic peo…