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HOMETOWN: Just Practice of How to use Collocations.

Dear all,

I just want to describe my hometown. ^_^

My hometown is a small city, just call it XX.

It is located in eastern part of Semarang, a capital city of Central Java.

Actually, it is located in mountaneous area, situated in a hilly place.

If you come there, you will be welcomed by dense forest since it is such an unspoilt countryside. However, do not worry, it is well worth seeingt. Furthermore, The area has some breathtaking scenery with panoramic view.

So, everyone who really miss a place where they can feel relax atmosphere, just come to my hometown. a tranquil countryside will welcome you.

It is really fantastic. ^_^

Now, moving on to the part of Semarang that I really like.

Honestly, in down town of the city, there is a conservation area where there are many quaint old buildings from dutch colonialization era. In this place, the castles dominate the landscape. However, If someone ask me which part of my hometown I want to renovate? Absolutely I will answer that some pla…


Dear all,

Last night my parents called me as usual..

They told me that I got a post mail from America. It was from Ohio Amish Village.
They said that there were three books in it. I was wonder at first, but then I realized that it was a feedback from An online Amish Village Photo Contest.

Yeah, some weeks ago, I just tried to use my photo that I took in Amish Village when I was in the USA in 2009 to join this contest. Just made a joke.

here is the place:
 from here: Yeah, at least I got three books that I can put in my private library at home. ^_^

Hmm, Do you know what mates?

Maybe these two days are a time to call my memory back to the USA.

This morning, in my class, Sue (My teacher) asked us to sing a song with the title was "Pollution".

Frankly, It reminded me about a time when I was in East Elementary School, meeting my buddy, Rowan. At that time, Rowan drew me living in his country, America. He drew this picture...

I do not need to explain more about this picture as …