Menampilkan postingan dari Februari 21, 2016

Such A break Time

It seems more than several times for me to have  break for this blog nd lucky me, today
I have an online meeting with my supervisors. It means, I have time to connect to the internet and visit my lovely blog.

I arrived in Indonesia in last December, my flight was landing in Djuanda Airport safely. My husband did not pick me up at the airport as He needs to prepare many things in the hotel. I just need to stay for  night in Surabaya at that time before going back to my home village to meet my shaleha
 little girl in the next morning.

Now, it is a time for me to help my self relax. Having more time for my family than my study. eee ee although sometimes I still need to have online meeting with my supervisors for Journl publication, I have more time to be with my daughter. It is such a good time for me. I am over the moon now. Thank God  .. Alhmdulillh .   :)