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Dear all,

what are you doing if you are online?

Let me guesss.. Opening your FB and listening to the music, right?

How if you try to listen to this Surah of Al Qur'an while you are online?

AL FATH. (it is not complete... )

My heart always full of drizzle if I am listening to this surah..

I want to cry since Rasululloh loves this Surah more than the Earth and everything on it.

I really want to see Rasululloh although through my dream. Really... I want it Badly


Beasiswa Korean Government Scholarship Program 2013/2014

Beasiswa Korean Government Scholarship Program 2013/2014

Beasiswa Korean Government Scholarship Program 2013/2014 S1 dan S2
[Office in charge]
KGSP Team under the Department of International Exchanges
[Graduate Program]
Tel : 02-3668-1364
Fax : 02-743-4992
Email : 담당자에게 메일 보내기
Related Website :

[Undergraduate Program]
Tel : 02-3668-1357
Fax : 02-743-4992
Email : 담당자에게 메일 보내기
Related Website :
To provide international students with an opportunity to conduct advanced studies at higher educational institutions in Korea,
to develop global leaders and strengthen Korea-friendly networks worldwide.
[Graduate Program]
대학원 정보초청외국인장학생 지원기간과 지원자격 Scholarship
Period Master’s course 1 year of Korean language + 2 years of Master’s course requirements
Doctoral course 1 year of Korean language + 3 years of Doctoral course requirements

My WRITING Assignments ^_^

Dear All,

As I am getting bored, I will write something in my blog.. However, if I am feeling good, I also will write in here.. hehe. ^_^

Okay, what am I going to write ya?

Oya, I was over the moon yesterday since our discussion papers were given back to us, and do you know what?
I got very good Mark and comment from my teacher, Sue Rodger. Yeeee... How happy I am.

She said that I only made little error in my references while the content of the essay was good, readable, easy to follow and provide many statements which are so crystal clear. Magic! I could finish it earlier with an excellent result (in my personal point of view).

Furthermore, activities in our class today were wonderful. Let me tell you something.. hmm... We did some writing test.. As I am very keen on in this kind of task (writing), so I think I did it well. hehe.. The more writing assignments I got, the happier I would be. Now matter the kinds of writing itself whether formal of informal writing.. I am okay, I enjoyed…


Dear all,

Some days ago, Mb Kurny asked me to accompany her to a Kiosk in the edge of Sesetan Street near our rental house.

At first, I thought that it was such kind of ordinary kiosk until mbak Kurny said that there was something special in that place. I was wonder of course, and ask her to explain more about it.

Then, I knew what she meant. It was Chinese Kiosk which sold many International products such as international foods, cosmetics and others.

I was reluctant of entering that place since I need to be very careful of choosing everything because Moeslems are minority here.

If I want to eat, for example, I need to make sure whether the sellers are moeslems or not. If they are not, I will not eat there, even though the food is delicious and "seem" to be halal.

I just want to be very careful. Yes, I must!

Okay, Let's focus on the kiosk above.

As I said to you before that that was International Products Kiosk, I told mb Kurny to be very careful of buying something ther…