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Dear all,

Sometimes, I spend my times to sit down on floors at the terrace. 

That afternoon.

I felt bored in  my bedroom, so I went outside. 
I saw bu Rai and bu Agung were so busy collecting so many flowers under the trees, I thought they were going to threw it away, but they did not.

Yeah, Matesss... there are are three of Kamboja flower Trees in front of my lodging house. the color of the flowers are white with little  yellow color inside...

Because of my curiosity, I asked bu Rai about what were they going to do with the flowers.

picture is from here :

"Will you throw it away Mom? " I asked.
"No.. dear.. don't you know..?" Bu Rai said.
"What mom?" Me.
" What do you think? .. everyday we climb the tree and collect the flowers...we will sell these." she said pointing a groups of flowers she already collected. She smiled.
 "What? do you sell them mom? what for?" I felt curious.
"It costs 70.000 kg per kilos dear." Bu…

THANK GOD_ ALHAMDULILLAH_ I have wonderful friends ^^

Dear my lovely Mate,

How's life so far?

I am good, thank you.

Every day, I say Alhhamdulillah.. Thank to Allah..

For everything I've got, especially for  the  fabulous friends :))

I have wonderful friends.. who always support me,
They are ready to spend their time only to hear my awful words...
yeah Mate, we know that..
Our behavior was influenced by Our surroundings .. and the good friends will give big impacts of our life.

I love my friends..
they are always ready to support me..
and the most incredible is that they can give me "wonderful advice" based on ISLAM.
If I feel alone (of course with Allah and My Prophet, Muhammad - both are always with me) - my close friend (like Nanda, my F5, Dhina, Lia, Anis etc...) will always allocate their time for me.

Everyone, can be our friends.. whatever their backgrounds are- Women or Men, Young or Old, Muslim or Not.
But make sure, you can be a better person by interacting with them.
It doesn't mean that you have to se…