THANK GOD_ ALHAMDULILLAH_ I have wonderful friends ^^

Dear my lovely Mate,

How's life so far?

I am good, thank you.

Every day, I say Alhhamdulillah.. Thank to Allah..

For everything I've got, especially for  the  fabulous friends :))

I have wonderful friends.. who always support me,
They are ready to spend their time only to hear my awful words...
yeah Mate, we know that..
Our behavior was influenced by Our surroundings .. and the good friends will give big impacts of our life.

I love my friends..
they are always ready to support me..
and the most incredible is that they can give me "wonderful advice" based on ISLAM.
If I feel alone (of course with Allah and My Prophet, Muhammad - both are always with me) - my close friend (like Nanda, my F5, Dhina, Lia, Anis etc...) will always allocate their time for me.

Everyone, can be our friends.. whatever their backgrounds are- Women or Men, Young or Old, Muslim or Not.
But make sure, you can be a better person by interacting with them.
It doesn't mean that you have to select your friends one by one.
In fact, you cannot decide whether someone has good attitude or not.. You need to interact first with them before you know deeply about their characters and so on.
So, As I usually do,
The best way... approve everyone who want to be your friends, if he or she is categorized as "a good friend", you can continue your friendship, But If they are not...
Please do not Just CUT your friendship.. in this case, you can act as someone who can change your friend to be better.
Maximize your time to be his/ her best friend.. in a good way.

However, The most important thing is that you need to be careful with someone who has different sexes with you,
It will be easy to have the close friends if you came from the same sexes.. I mean, if you are a woman, you can have women to be your close friends..
Be carefull.. just in case you go so far if you choose the opposite sex.



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