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Dear all,

I am facing a long holiday. It means I will miss my new family here in Bali because this afternoon I will go back to my hometown, Pati.
Some months ago____
In Semarang, a city of Netherlands, I was the oldest among some beautiful girls who stayed in a small house namely Naylufar Hall while In bali, I am the youngest one.

I have step mother and step father here (both are joining DIKTI-s program), an older sister, an older brother, and my twin (Javanese call this as DAMPIT twin. My step Mom and Dad call him as my twin because he is the same years as me).

I love my new family here. Do you know why?

I have several reasons for that. They invited me to join with them if they have some special events like cooking, going to the mosque, visiting some special places. discussing specific issue.

They call me "Anak Bungsu" , it means "the last children".

Today is my last day in Bali before the holiday. I will go back to Bali on 27 August, while DIKTI-ers program…