Menampilkan postingan dari Februari 10, 2013


Dear all,

Do you know that this world is not as big as you ever thought?

I personally believe that ..yes, it is.

It is not because of the availability of the media, especially e-media such as Facebook, Twoo, Twitter and many other networking cites. 

So, how come ?

Yeah, I say this, because I experience many things which show me that world is smaller than we think about.


Dear All,

My FB is non active right now.. I do this for some reasons of course;

1. I just do not want to spend my precious time in FB. If my  FB is active, I tend to use my time in FB, again and again. Ah, I should finish this!

2. I need to do my wonderful project. After finishing my first project (With the Roller Coaster' team), I need to make myself busy by doing other important things to do. Therefore, I need to focus on doing my second project. This project is is already listed in my dream's paper. so I should do it.

3. My EAP programs in Bali is a month left, that's why I need to maximize my time. The only think which makes me happy when I was so hectic is writing. that's why I write this blog.

4. Hmm... Let me think about what should I say in this point.
   Yeah.. May be, from now on, my FB will be non active over a long time period. Hoho.. I am not sure how long it will be. I just want to produce some important projects in my life. I need to leave FB…