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When my apples of eyes were sick

You know my heart was such being stabbed by a knife when I see my beloved children were sick.  It was not serious illness, but very enough to make me feel  worry.  Syahmina was suffered from fever for almost four days. At the same days,  her older sister,  Jaseena was getting cough.  Yes...  For more than four days...  For me it was so longgggg...  Seing your apples were getting sick meaning such a torment for you.  Alhmdulillah,  they are healthy now.  Thank you Allah. 

SYAHMINA (My second pearl)

My second pearl was born in this world.
It was so wonderful blessing and joy from Allah when my second baby was delivered to this Dunya.
Syahmina, we call her, was born via vaginal birth (normal process but with induction medicine) on 11 April 2017. Hope she will be a shalehah daughter (her older sister, Jaseena as well). AAmiin.
Allah is the best planner and we thank Allah for everything Allah gives. 
After our first beautiful pearl was coming to the world two years before, it is time for our second pearl to come.My husband and I was over the moon absolutely. Lucky me, since it was not a problem for my husband or our big families regarding the gender of the baby. Yeah, boy or girl is fine as we hope that the baby would be safe and healthy.
Being a mom is such a pleasure. I do not understand why, but you will feel that your life is almost perfect with the presence of your babies.
Furthermore, having babies can be defined as having a medicine for your weaknesses and illnesses. Take f…