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DO You Know what?

Dear Mate,

It is difficult to unite two people who have different aims in life.

If you are forced to marry someone who you don't love, you can start to love him.
If you are forced to marry someone who is rich/poor, that's fine. you can work together later on.
If he/she is good looking or not, that's not a problem. You will feel good beside him/her if your interactions are good.

but, the most difficult is 'when you both have different vision and mission in life..different ambitions... one of them cannot support each other. It will be very difficult. Absolutely.

The only thing which make everything run on track is a RELIGION.

The main purpose of life is a togetherness with your couple, not only in this world, but also there in a Heaven.

while I am writing this, a song from IRfan Maki become my background music.


Dear Mate,

It's time to share.

As I did yesterday, went to the Computer room, listened to the songs from Maher Zein, of course with different titles. One of them was JUST ONE BIG FAMILY.

you can listen it too, HERE ^^


This song relate to the EQUALITY among human being.
we hold EGALITARIAN view and believe that everybody should be treated equally.

My teacher, Angela,  has already explained about this in our class room.
Whatever the background is, everyone can be our friend. 

And, do you know what?

I want to write about my wonderful story. 
It was a time when I was so far away from my beloved country, Indonesia.
In a beautiful morning, I joined the CS3 class in  CTCL building. First time I entered the room, a dark skin man with a short black hair greeted me "Assalamualaikum, Sister." with little smile on his face.

I was shocked, "wow, it is in a non muslim country, but a man greet me with "ASSALAMUALAIKUM"? I cann't believe it. He also c…


Dear my beloved Mate,

I went to the Computer room in RC (Resource center), searched a song by Maher Zein and I found this song. The title is PARADISE. 

I have nothing to say.
By listening to this song, I almost cried.
Not because of someone,
It was only because I am so sure about one thing,

Allah prepares our "SoulMate"
A right person at a right time.

I want to be in that Paradise with him someday.
I can't imagine, how beautiful the Heaven is! 
especially when you walk around with your Wife/ husband.

Picture is from HERE

I remember when I first met you
I felt that God answered my call
There was that one place I always thought about
And I just wanted to be there with you
The place that no eye has ever seen
The place that no heart has ever perceived
I had a great feeling inside of me
That one day I’ll be there with you

And now that we’re here feeling so good

About all the things that we went through
Knowing that God is pleased with us too
It’s not a dream, this is so true