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REUNION ^_^ (The rollercoaster)

This is about a little reunion.

Just call us "The rollercoaster".

Yesterday was the great day for me.. Really... It was really a great day ( :P)

I met my matess.. the rollercoaster...

It was so wonderful you know, Lidia from Australia, Endru from Lombok, Obert Bali, Apri - Jogja..

Yeee... One day, I am sure we will gather in 20 (the complete teams of rollercoaster),

I am sure about it. 

Last night, we have reunion party (What!! party??) at XXX restaurant near Kuta beach.)
We met at 7.30 pm up to 00.30 a.m.. only for talking you know!!! (huuu... Yeah.. we were separated for about 4 years.. ) can you imagine how big I miss them??

Yeap.. One day, for sure, I will gather them all.. (when?) --> I do not know.. just Pray to Allah!

Hmm.. How if I write a novel about them.. that would be lovely right!.. Yeah.. Who knows it will become a  popular novel.. and I will be a famous writer of course.. hmmm .. Nice.. right/... Let me write it... :)

And see, whether you wil…