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Dear All,

picture is from HERE
ADS (Australian Development Scholarship) transformed into AAS (Australia Awards Scholarship).

And Do you know what?

It's now OPEN: ^_^

If you are interested in applying for this program, just visit this WEB:

you can download brief information there ya..HOWEVER, to get it, you need to fill an on-line form first, and they will send it to your email. You can register HERE.  ^_^

What I am scared of T_T

Dear mates,

Again, I face the thing that I am really scared of... T_T

may be for some people, this is not a big deal.. but honestly.. yes it is.. for me.

I had an IELTS speaking test today. and do you know what?

The topic in part two was about Advertisement.


Some days ago, I already ask my friends about this topic since I already experienced the same theme at my previous IELTS test. And again, I got this topic. It was terrible for me since I could not use many idioms and collocations I have learned.

I do not know why.. I think I could not expand my vocabulary well relating this topic. Yeah at least I know that although we already maximize our effort, but if  Allah say NO. yeah..It will.

So.. Just Let Allah Do the rest dech.. Bismillah ^_^

A Moment to Remember _ 9-EMB-ers ^_^

Dear matess,

Just count down the days until I go back to my hometown...

Ah, I just want to introduce you to some of my classmates.

just call them the Emb-ers.
 here we are.

Begin from Kak Sing, Kak Odi, Pak Chris, Edi, Kak Ichal, Bu Risa and I, Kak Amin, Kak Alim, Kak Arif, Kak Sof, Jhon, Kak Asri.

Horayy... Don't be surprised.. yeah.. there are only two beautiful women in  my class. Bu Risa and I. Meanwhile there are 7 women in another class (9MA-ers).