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Dear Matess...

I have some stories to tell for today,

This Friday was the last day for us to meet Angela, our Teacher. She is going to go back to her beloved hometown, Sydney. Next week, we will have new teachers, Mark and Gerry.

We gave her a handicraft and took some photos with her. Unfortunately, one of our classmate, John missed the class. He went to the hospital to accompany his friend to health check up so he did not come to the class which is mean we did not have his photo with us.

Angela was crying in the end, Yeahh.. I know... We are the only her good studentss (Hahaha :P), that's why it was so hard to leave us here. :P

On the other hand, I have difficult feeling to tell, it was such kind of a mix-up feeling where I could feel either happy or so sad. Do you know what?

This week will be the last week for ADS-6M and 3M classes at IALF, they will have the IELTS test tomorrow morning (Saturday), and after that, all of them will leave Bali. IALF will be quiet place, not as usu…


Aku bangga menjadi muslimah
Disaat yang lain bangga menjadi wanita modern
Aku bangga Jilbabku menjuntai kedada
Disaat yang lain bangga mengikuti Mode

Aku bangga menjadi pengurus kerohanian Islam
Disaat yang lain lena, Aku tak peduli
Dengan anggapan sok suci
Karena aku tahu apa yg aku lakukan

Awalnya aku tidak percaya diri….
Dengan pakaian yg tertutup rapi….
Teman-teman berkata aku tidak trendy…..
Tapi Abi berkata aku Cantik begitchu…
pun Ummi…..

Wahai Kawan yang bermimpi sanjungan……
Cantik bukanlah buka-bukaan….
Cantik bukanlah selalu berdandan….
Dan cantik bukan berarti seorang pujaan….

Ku ulurkan jilbabku hingga terasa damai hatiku…..
Ku longgarkan pakaianku sehingga tertutup bentuk tubuhku…..
kulakukan itu semua demi Cintaku pada Rabbi-ku….
Dan kuberbisik dalam hatiku,,,
Semoga Allah kagum melihatku….

Andai semua orang memahami…
cantik lahir bukanlah ukuran…..
Tapi cantik hati memikat semua orang….
Dan terutama budi pekerti seperti yang Rasul contohkan…..


Dear Matesss...

I had no homework, so do mb Iin, consequently we decided to continue our Journey in the next day,

Ahaa.... Airlangga, a center of  handicrafts and located in jalan teuku Umar, become our next destination since mb Iin was planing of going back home this Idul Adha so she needs to buy some Bali's accessories.
 Aaa.. I forgot an important thing, it is not for The Idul Adha..she canceled her planning of going back to her hometown.. Yeahhh.. She will go home in the end of her course, 24 November I guest. ^_^
In addition, I want to buy some stuff too... Although I will go back home next year, Buying them soon is better, to anticipate an unpredicted prices. 

Hmmm... I thought that it would be better for us to go to SUKOWATI Market in Ubud as this market provides cheap and many kind of handicrafts...Furthermore, mb Iin had Google Maps in her cell Phone , it would help us to find the right route of going to there.

So, Each of us has our own job. I am as a driver, meanwhile …


Dear All,

It was A Wonderful Saturday Afternoon,

As usual, I stayed in the Resource Center (RC), reading the IELTS books and writing my blog.

I met mb IIn, my new friend here at I/A/L/F who is taking English For Academic Purpose Course. She works as a civil servant at KEMENRISTEK (Kementrian Riset dan Teknologi)/ Technology and Research Ministry.

Yuhuu, I am over the moon--> since in my class there are only two beautiful Women, Bu Risa and I, so I was so happy when I knew that there are eleven wonderful girls coming here. At least I'll have women friendss, and yeahhh.. it is true!! In short time, I knew them one by one, Mb Iin, Mbak Tia, Mb Asih, Mb Asti, Mb Linda and otherss...

As we already knew each other, we planned to go somewhere for fun.

In that fantastic afternoon, Some of them planned of going to Kuta beach for attending the Commemorate Parade of Bombs bali aftermath.. hmm.. frankly, the time for this event already finished on Friday, a day before, but We heard that …