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WEEKEND With DJOKKA Team n Friends.. ^^

Hello Dear All,

How Are You today?
Me? I am fine, Thank you so much.

Okay, these last few days I have some stories to tell,

But today, I am going to share about my wonderful journey on lassssttt week end :D

I said " lassssttt week" because it happened on the first weekend of our class in Bali.


It was a beautiful Sunday morning.

Djokka team and friends were going to visit some interesting places in Bali.

Our Fist destination is Nusa Dua Beach.

I already visited this beach before, but... I did not do some specific activities provided there. So, I had to try this time.

I chose PARA SAILING as my best choice.

Do you know what?
To proof it, I should try it.

Don't worry with your skirt (ROK),
I wore Skirt, and it's okay, I did it well.

Don't you believe me???
Just try it someday.

Firstly when you see how it works, you'l think that it is scary think to practice.
but believe me, it is not. for me, Rollercoaster is the best. Compared with Parasailing, Ro…