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"Forgive Me"
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I’m about to lose the battle and cross the line
I’m about to make another mistake
And even though I try to stay away
Everything around me keeps dragging me in
I can’t help thinking to myself
What if my time would end today, today, today?
Can I guarantee that I will get another chance
Before it’s too late
, too late, too late

Forgive me… My heart is so full of regret
Forgive me… Now is the right time for me to repent, repent, repent..

Am I out of my mind?
What did I do? Oh, I feel so bad!
And every time I try to start all over again
My shame comes back to haunt me
I’m trying hard to walk away
But temptation is surrounding me, surrounding me
I wish that I could find the strength to change my life
Before it’s too late, too late, too late

Forgive me… My heart is so full of regret
Forgive me… Now is the right time for me to repent, repent, repent..

I know O Allah You’re the Most-Forgiving
And that You’ve promised to
Always be there when I call upon You

So now I’m standing he…


dear mates, 
homesickness. I do not know, I already experience living far away from home, even overseas. May be because of the weather. winter is coming here in Australia and I need to familiarize myself with this situation.  the only things which make me feel calm is calling home or listening to the Qur'an.


Dear matess, OASIS in here does not mean such a water resource in a desert. it is different from what you alrady knew about. It is little bit different. It is such a specific place in Flinders University. 

OASIS in here is a centre for faith development and spiritual refreshment, providing a forum and home environment for the development of genuine community.

it is already 6 days i am in Adelaide.
I enjoy living here since the people are friendly.


Dear mates, 
I arrived in Adelaide on Thursday. There were three wonderful people who were welcoming me, mbak Atik, Mbak Eka and the representative of my Uni. 
They delivered me to Pasadena. A place where my temporary accommodation is located.  Our car was parked outside a modest, beautiful and fresh apartment. Suddenly, a woman came out from this building and gave her best smile to me. She is mbak Yanti. A moeslim woman who offered me a temporary accommodation with her family.

She is taking a master of disability for children and lives in this apartment with her husband and her two children, Safa and Dafa. 
In my first day of staying there, I just talked to Safa and Dafa for a while. I have a little discussion forum at night with mb Yanti and her husband, just to introduce myself and consider them as "my new SHORT family" since I am going to live there only for the next few days until I get my permanent accommodation. Honestly, I love living there, yeah.. for some reasons: 1. th…