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The Way to Baitulloh

It's been a while for not writing in here, my fabulous blog.

Today, as usual, I just want to share a part of my family's experiences.
alhamdulillah, in this month, in the beginning of December (7th Dec), my father, mother, and my sister with her husband were going to Baitulloh for Umroh.

I thank to Allah for this beautiful moment, honestly. They were waiting for six month unti their departures, but not becuse of being delayed. They chose the six month-waiting period for Umroh via SBL, therefore, the price is quite cheap, only IDR 23,5 Milion (Business class).

I thank Allah because the facility provide by SBL was so wonderful. During their Umroh, they stayed in 4 and 5 star hotel. additionally, the distance of the hotel to masjid nabawi and K