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Space Research and Exploration?

Space Research and Exploration?
  by: Sri Hindriyastuti 

It is widely known that there are many key issues that should be tackled in the world in order to improve the sustainability of people's lives such as poverty, diseases and hunger on earth. In this case, money takes an important role in solving these problems. Some people say that allocating money to do projects in these parts is essential while others say that the money should be spent on space research and exploration. This essay will argue that allocating the budgets to increase people's standard of life which includes the poverty, disease and hunger eradication is more important rather than using it for space research and exploration.
Some people believe that doing research and exploration is more important as these activities provide benefits for humankind. From both these projects, the latest technology has been found and applied to improve people's quality of life. For example, by doing space research, resea…