Dear All,

My FB is non active right now.. I do this for some reasons of course;

1. I just do not want to spend my precious time in FB. If my  FB is active, I tend to use my time in FB, again and again. Ah, I should finish this!

2. I need to do my wonderful project. After finishing my first project (With the Roller Coaster' team), I need to make myself busy by doing other important things to do. Therefore, I need to focus on doing my second project. This project is is already listed in my dream's paper. so I should do it.

3. My EAP programs in Bali is a month left, that's why I need to maximize my time. The only think which makes me happy when I was so hectic is writing. that's why I write this blog.

4. Hmm... Let me think about what should I say in this point.
   Yeah.. May be, from now on, my FB will be non active over a long time period. Hoho.. I am not sure how long it will be. I just want to produce some important projects in my life. I need to leave FB for this reason.

5. TO be honest with you, I can do something effectively by doing this. To illustrate this point, I could finish my discussion paper quickly, Plagiarism checker such as Turnitin already ACC mine. I handed in this writing in last week. Yeee... Now, I am free from this assignment, while my friends are still struggling with it.

6. I just want to have my own privacy. Since I think that connecting to the internet and then having access to FB are likely to support my willingness of uploading some information about me, it seems that I did not maintain well my own privacy.
Yah, so the best thing is that.... Just leave the FB :)

7.  May be this is the hardest part compare to those points above but I need to be honest with my self. Occasionally, I tend to use FB to "show off" my self. Although  may be it is about a simple thing, but, I should avoid it from now on. If my FB is active, it is hard for me to avoid this.

8. Leaving FB does not mean that you will lose your friends, or even your connections. Take, for example, my networking. I am able to contact them through other medias such as Handphone or Email. Some people may think that I will have no essential information if my FB is deactivate. However, in fact, I can surf and access the information from Google. That's fantastic I think.


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