My WRITING Assignments ^_^

Dear All,

As I am getting bored, I will write something in my blog.. However, if I am feeling good, I also will write in here.. hehe. ^_^

Okay, what am I going to write ya?

Oya, I was over the moon yesterday since our discussion papers were given back to us, and do you know what?
I got very good Mark and comment from my teacher, Sue Rodger. Yeeee... How happy I am.

She said that I only made little error in my references while the content of the essay was good, readable, easy to follow and provide many statements which are so crystal clear. Magic! I could finish it earlier with an excellent result (in my personal point of view).

Furthermore, activities in our class today were wonderful. Let me tell you something.. hmm... We did some writing test.. As I am very keen on in this kind of task (writing), so I think I did it well. hehe.. The more writing assignments I got, the happier I would be. Now matter the kinds of writing itself whether formal of informal writing.. I am okay, I enjoyed it well. Yeee.. ^_^

In addition, today we have some good information. I just want to give you one example of them. There will be an orientation program from many Australian Universities on next Thursday at Mercure Hotel. Wuiihh, it means we will have nice lunch with delicious food and drink.. also beverages of course. What? do you want to join me? Nooo.... of course you are not allowed to go there as it is special for Us, ADS awardee.


And.. Just count down the days until I go home to my beautiful hometown, Pati, meeting my beloved Mom and Dad, also my lovely sister. I really miss them. Separating with them has profound effect on life, yeah.. they are my truly motivation after Allah and my Beloved Prophet Muhammad. ^_^

Before I am writing this, I bought Herbal Medicine as Rasulullah suggested us to consume. What are they? Habbatussauda and Honey ... I bought them because the stock in my rental house is "ZERO" hoho.


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