Dear all,

Last night my parents called me as usual..

They told me that I got a post mail from America. It was from Ohio Amish Village.
They said that there were three books in it. I was wonder at first, but then I realized that it was a feedback from An online Amish Village Photo Contest.

Yeah, some weeks ago, I just tried to use my photo that I took in Amish Village when I was in the USA in 2009 to join this contest. Just made a joke.

here is the place:
 from here:
Yeah, at least I got three books that I can put in my private library at home. ^_^

Hmm, Do you know what mates?

Maybe these two days are a time to call my memory back to the USA.

This morning, in my class, Sue (My teacher) asked us to sing a song with the title was "Pollution".

Frankly, It reminded me about a time when I was in East Elementary School, meeting my buddy, Rowan. At that time, Rowan drew me living in his country, America. He drew this picture...

I do not need to explain more about this picture as I already told you before (The story is in HERE: )

Yeah, at that time, Rowan briefly explained about pollution in his country. So, spontaneously, I miss this boy. He was 9 years old and now, he must be a wonderful teenager. ^_^

This is the lyrics of the Song: (Written and sung by Tom Lehrer). 


If you visit American city,
You will find it very pretty.
Just two things of which you must beware:
Don't drink the water and don't breathe the air!

Pollution, pollution!
They got smog and sewage and mud.
Turn on your tap
And get hot and cold running crud!

See the halibuts and the sturgeons
Being wiped out by detergeons.
Fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly,
But they don't last long if they try.

Pollution, pollution!
You can use the latest toothpaste,
And then rinse your mouth
With industrial waste.

Just go out for a breath of air
And you'll be ready for Medicare.
The city streets are really quite a thrill -
If the hoods don't get you, the monoxide will.

Pollution, pollution!
Wear a gas mask and a veil.
Then you can breathe,
Long as you don't inhale!

Lots of things there that you can drink,
But stay away from the kitchen sink!
The breakfast garbage that you throw into the Bay
They drink at lunch in San Jose.*

So go to the city,
See the crazy people there.
Like lambs to the slaughter,
They're drinking the water
And breathing [cough] the air!


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