My room is English Zone

Well, may be it is strange, or so weird being heard. But, I just want to make a new rule for the better future. Some of my friends and my junior sometimes asked me about “how to speak fluently in English” And of course I was so confused answer this question. You know what guys? My English is still so bad…But I realized one important thing. We can improve our capability in English especially on Conversation terms just by making English as our daily language. So, I decided to make some new rules in my lodging house, such as established an English day twice a week (Thursday, Sunday) and make a new English Zone, my own room.

I announced to all of my friends in my lodging house that my room is an English room, so everyone who enter my room, must speak in English. No matter how bad our grammar or how lack of vocabulary we have. I just want to improve my own English and help others to improve their English too by making these new rules. Maybe some of you then ask me a new question “do they want to enter your room? What for?.” You guys have to know that I am the oldest in my lodging house, and almost everyday there are some friends or my junior who always want to share and make such a consultation with me. Because I was so busy, they have to enter my room for this term. Believe it or not, they always look for me, and they must enter my room as well.

At the first time, it is working unwell, but day by day all of my friends realize that our speaking, vocabulary increase so fast. How happy we are.

So guys, if you want to improve your capability in English, Taking a course just twice a week is not enough. You must make a group of conversation in your community so that you will get a significant change in your English. Hopefully

Thank you…and Happy trying ^_^


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