Dear All,

You know what??

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I really love my class, a wonderful class I said. Wonderful Teacher and friends (there are 13 students in our class).
My Teacher namely Angela, and I reallyyyy - reallyyyyy love the way she teaches us in our class.
She is an Australian woman. Almost 25 years she teaches English. She has already moved from some countries to teach English like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Spain, and the most awesome one is Mozambique. Now she is in Here. Do you know why I said that her experiences of teaching in Mozambique is awesome. yeah, you know that this country got the fourth rank of the poorest countries in the world.

Today, Angela told us a very fantastic story about Mozambique. She said that she was a year there for teaching English. In Mozambique, there was no proper whiteboard, pen, paper, or even a nice classroom. Everyday, she gave paper, pen to her students. the facilities of the class was also limit. Angela only use one chalk and an old blackboard.

when she come back to Sydney, Australia after finishing her duty in Mozambique, she realized one thing. a thing that she thought she should give to her students in Mozambique (honestly, I do not know what it is, because she did not tell us, it is her secret I think :D). she really want to go back there 2 or 3 months to do some projects that she has not finished yet.

in Sydney, One day, she got an email from one of her ex-student of her English class in Mozambique.

the content of the email is very touching. the student said that he really-really want to inform Angela how happy He was. He said that he got a scholarship, ONLY ONE SCHOLARSHIP from the government of Australia for Mozambique-er. And He Got it!! Inly Him!! this man say thank You to Angela (tough Angela did not need it), this Man said that he could get this scholarship because of Angela English class.

I know ... I know Angela is not only teaching her students. in my class, she always support us to learn more about English, gave us motivation everyday. I love this teacher.

now, this man, her ex-student is studying in University of technology Sydney. Sometimes he visited Angela in Her house. What a Miracle!. When Angela Ask him, do you want to come back to your country after study? the Man said -- "YES"
Why?" - Angela said.
"because I want to be A President in My country."
Angela said to him : I am proud of you.

After that, Angela told Us that we need to thank God because we also got the scholarship. You know what?? each of us get scholarship in Huge amount of money.
1,3 BILLION. What??? I was surprised at that time.

WHAT??? yeah.. each of us who got this scholarship is surprised about this fact. yeah... we WILL GET 1,3 BILLION = 1,3 MILIAR.
Of course this amount of money will not directly being given to us in cash, but.. it will be used to pay our university fees, our living allowance, etc. 1,3 Billion is the total of scholarship we will receive, but not in cash. You know, living in a big city especially in Sydney will allocate a huge amount  of money. Yeah,.. Sydney got 7th rank as the most Expensive city in The world. Amazing!

Thank god for this. not everyone can get this scholarship. You can imagine how many years of saving your money until you reach 1,3 Billion and you can move to Australia only for studying. See!! How many years of working in Indonesia? if you are an Civil servants (PNS), although you save the money in your span life, it is has not enough yet.

You Must be More Surprised if I tell you the allocation for PhD scholars. Each of them got 4 BILLION (4 Milliar) for this scholarship. You Know, huuuuu... How Much 0 you can put after the number? yeah.. 9 of 0 -->

Everyone who got this scholarship must say Thank to Allah :) Alhamdulillah. Among 10.000 candidats, we got this. :)

thank god.


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