Interested in representing Indonesia at the 2012 G8/G20 Youth Summits

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Interested in representing Indonesia at the 2012 G8/G20 Youth Summits?

the Link:

Eligibility & Requirements:

Indonesian citizen or foreign national having studied in Indonesia
Between the ages of 18 to 30
Currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student in a higher education institution (in Indonesia or abroad)
Recent graduate from a higher education institution
Excellent command of spoken and written English
Commit to being in Washington, DC for the conference from June 3rd-9th, 2012

Available Positions:

Head of State
Minister of Finance
Minister of Economy
Minister of Environment
Minister of Development
Note: Applicants can select up to two ministerial positions to apply for in the first round.

Selection Process:
Round 1

Application Form (click to download)
Resume or CV
Application deadline: December 14, 2011
Notification of Shortlisted Candidates: December 26, 2011

Round 2

One-page essay on a G20 topic

Round 3

Skype interview with the Organizing Committee

Successful candidates:
We are looking for especially bright, talented and well-rounded young leaders to represent Indonesia in this event. Successful candidates have outstanding academic and extracurricular track records, proven leadership skills, ample knowledge of their field and excellent English language capabilities. (See Past Delegates)

In the selection process, we employ an indicator-based scaling method to rank each candidate based on academic and extracurricular records, general background knowledge or experience on the position applied for and English language skills.

Delegation fee:

The host (US and Mexican Organizing Committee) has not announced their 2012 delegate fee. In the past summits, they have been around USD500-600*. This includes accommodation, meals, transport within Washington DC and all Summit activities (gala dinner, talks, events and excursions).

Each delegate must secure their own transportation to and from Washington DC as well as their delegate fees. Past delegates have conducted their own individual or group fundraising efforts. Most have received funding from their universities.

*We will make later announcements about the exact fee when we are updated by the host organizing committee.

About the selection committee:
The Indonesian Organizing Committee started after the G8/G20 Vancouver Summits in 2010 to continue Indonesian representation at the G8/G20 Youth Networks. We are comprised of past delegates. For the 2011-2012 year, the committee includes Disty Winata, Sugit Sanjaya Arjon, Ariana Alisjahbana, I Ketut Adi Putra, Sofwan Hakim, Zenathan Adnin and Muhammad Assad.

G8-G20 Youth Summit Indonesian Organizing Committee

G8/G20 Youth Summits 2012
Past Summits
Past Delegates

G8/G20 Youth Summits 2012 - CALL FOR APPLICANTS

The Indonesian organizing committee is pleased to announce our call for applicants for the Indonesian delegation to the G8/G20 Youth Summits 2012, to be held in Washington, DC from June 3rd to 9th, 2012 at the George Washington University campus.

Indonesian participation in the G8/G20 Youth networks started in 2010, when five delegates represented Indonesia at the G8/G20 Youth summits in Vancouver, Canada. Indonesia sent another delegation to last year’s Paris summits and now we would like to invite you to become part of the growing network by applying to next year’s summit.

WHAT are the G8/G20 Youth Summits 2012?

The G8 & G20 Youth Summits are the premier international youth conference that brings together young leaders representing the Group of Eight (G8) and Group of Twenty (G20) nations to facilitate discussions about the most pressing issues facing our world today.
Founded in 2006, the Summit organizers have adopted the format of G8 Summits to organize the paramount youth conference of its kind in the world. Unlike the Model United Nations, the G8 & G20 Youth Summits aims goes beyond merely replicating an existing institution and allow young leaders to directly voice their opinions and craft creative solutions to current world issues.


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