My class always begin at 8.00 a.m.

Now, I am as a student. Not a teacher anymore.

It is obligatory for me to come on time or in time to the class.
every day, I am ready of obtaining homework.

attending the class with all of my heart, listening to the teacher attentively.

smiling to everyone I met all day.

I am Happy, Over the moon. really.

Angela, will always gives interesting stories about her life.

Now, it is a time for dropping you some lines about her stories.

it is all about CULTURE SHOCK. do you know what is culture shock? yeah.. Absolutely... When You move to another country, you need to adjust with your new surroundings.

first story

It was her first time of visiting Bali, Indonesia. She did not know any words in Bahasa. She needed three days only to memorize the address of I/A/L/F.
yeah..3 days only for -> Jalan Raya Sesetan. It means a word/ day.
Oh My God.

Now, she can speak some Indonesian Language :

1. I/A/L/F address : Jalan raya sesetan
2. Good --> BAGUS : she heard as BAHGOOSE .. haha
3. Jalan Raya Bedugul
Since she moved from a hotel to a dorm located at Jalan Raya Bedugul, she use the word "BED" which is the meaning is "Tempat Tidur" to memorize her new address.
BEDugul become easiest word for her new address.
if she wen to sleep on her Bedroom.. she remember that she lives in jl. Raya BEDugulll..hahaha.. What a funny teacher. :D
4. Kacamata saya. ( I need to explain this more .. but in different section.. very funny )

2nd story.

3rd day in I/A/L/F, she was locked at the toilet. Many times she knocked at the door, but no one heard her. She knocked the door.. Bang..Bang..Bang..
Noting happened.
Then she screamed out "HELP..HELP..HELP".. and finally, someone came to her. but still with a locked door. Angela and someone outside the door communicated with the door blocking them.

Okey..then.. because it needed long time to fix the dor, Angela sat on the toilet. Someone outside the door provide a glass of water and gave it to her above the door.

she sat down on the toilet softly, drank a glass of water and sang a song.. Relax....
Then, she concluded that Indonesian furniture is not really good. BAD. yeahhh...
or may be only at I/A/L/F..
with her funny expression she explained about this story.


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