DJOKKA TEAM! Don't you know this superb Travellers'team?

Hello Dear All,

How Are you today?

I am going to tell you my awesome experience.

It was my first lastweek at Bali, My friends And I were so happy because we didnot have homework. Yeahh... Angela knew what we want. of course enjoying my first weekend at Bali.

On Saturday, I hang out..of Course not alone. I have a superb partners of course. Do you know who were they?
There were;

1, Kak Ichal
2. Kak Kurny
3. Kak Toldo

then we went to some places.. only Us.. in Four. This is my new Team here. Just call Us as DJOKKA. Yuppp.. DJOKKA.

Btw, here, I am the youngest one among the others.. That is why I call them KAK, means "Brother/ sister", When I was in Semarang, Among some girls in my dorm, I was the Oldest one you know. and Here.. I'am the youngest one.. hohoho

Do you know what is Djokka??

Let me tell you a little story about DJOKKA.

Okey, saturday morning we have a promised to have a meeting at RC (Resource Center) of course to arrange our schedule.

but unfortunately becuse Kak Kurni came late (she came at 10.00--> veryyyy late), we cancel our first plan of visiting some places at Bali.

What were we doing then?

Yeah, Kak Ichal, Kak Kurny, Kak Toldo and I went to visit some near places.

Alhamdulillah One of Us has FORD, awesome European Car. This FORD (an expensive Care --> 262 Million rupiah ) driving Us to That Mall and Kuta Beach :P. haha

Through the way, each of us told a fantastic story about their life. Wonderfullllll... I got such motivational stories from Kak Ichal, Kak Kurny and Kak Toldo. I said to myself, ADS didn't do any mistakes of choosing these people as grantee of the scholarship. they'r deserve for that.

first time we turn the Car to Galleria Mall.

At Mall, we did not buy anything but some awesome books. When we had a lunch we discuss about the name of our group. Yeah.. because we enjoyed traveling and practicing English (we speak English All day as we can), the name of our Team IS DJOKKA. Kak Kurny Said Djokka in Makassar Mean "Someone Who Loves travelling a lot".

Kak toldo as the oldest Brother = we call him = kakak pertama

Kak Ichal = kakak Ke dua = 2nd Brother
Kak Kurny = kakak ke tiga = older sister
the last = I am.. of course = dedek. :P

Because of that meaning, our journey being continued, we went to Kuta Beach at the evening.

At the Beach, we Enjoyed the SunSet and of Course Took a Pray (Asar and Maghrib) at the sand of the Beach. at that time, many people looked at Us, but who cares!!! We need to take A pray, nowhere is available for praying at this Kuta Beach. We, with all of our confidence --> took a pray at the edge of the beach. Whatever the activity are.. God Is Always Number One!!

Don't ForGet this Mate!

We went to Kuta Tower later. took some pictures and joint with a Famous Program of France Television. I did not know about this till Kak Ichal Told me. Yeah, He was an artist you Know, that is why he Knew This. Soooo we will appear at Franch TV. GREATTTT!!! Hahahaha

Yeppp... at the evening, then we went to look for a cozy place where we could eat delicious food for dinner, and Bakso Malang provided the Best place to eat. sooo we went there.

The last One singing together as our Farewell Party of this Day. An exhausted day but Amazing One.



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