Dear matess,

Before going abroad, you need to understand specific regulations which are applied in a country.
Okay, I am going to tell you about what you need to prepare if you are going to visit or even stay in Australia. especially in a long time, not only on holidays.

Okay, let me think what I need to explain first.

Australia applies very strict regulations regarding visitors coming to this continental country. Take for example your health matter. As usual, if we want to go overseas, we need to issue the Visa first. In order to get this visa, we also need to check our health. if we have diseases such as TB or HIV we will not receive our visa.
so, make sure that you are fully healthy (physically or mentally) yaa :D.

furthermore, about the things that are important for you to bring: : medicine (with or WITHOUT doctor Prescriptions are OKAY) as long as you declare it. How to declare your goods? Okay, I will explain this in different paragraph (below). From my point of view, it will be better if you buy "generic" medicine from Indonesia such as paracetamol (Fever). Flutamol (Cold/flu), Dexamethason (irritation), Amoxicillin (Antibiotics), Ambroxol (cough), Acyclovir/ Acyvar (Herpes). For herbal medicine such as Habbatus sauda, tolak angin are also okay. I brought all of these and they were okay.

In addition, you also need to bring some "Indonesian Instant Food". To illustrate this point, Noodle (sarimi/pop mie), Ketchup (saus/ kecap botol- in a bottle), nescafe (not white coffee yaa) - those are also okay. again, as long as you declare them, that will be fine! :).. Nevertheless, please rethink of bringing ABON yaaa... Mas Faruq brought it and it was withdrawn by the officer in the airport. How poor old you  mas Faruq (idiom which means : Alangkah malangnya dikau mas :) haha.  so , don't bring it yaaa :D

Hmm, what else? aaa... Cosmeticsss... I understand well that this point is very important, especially for women. Don't worry matess, cosmetics are  normal things to bring along with you if you travel somewhere else, so dont worry to bring this yaa. I brought many.. just in case there is no similar stock in OZ. and its okay. :)

However, in your carry on bag ( a bag that you bring into the airplane), please be careful yaa... You are only allowed to bring maximum 100ml liquid product. if you want to bring your water (e.g Aqua), perfume containing more than 100 ml liquid PLEASE PUT them in your LUGGAGE, not in your carry-on bag. okkaaay :D.

to declare all those things above, you need to:
fill in a form that will be given to you in an airplane (during your flight from Jakarta to Sydney or your another first city destination). After finishing your check list in that card, you need to hold and save it. When you arrived In Sydney/ specific airport in OZ you will be asked about this card. You just need to show it... The officer in the Airport  are friendly and they will aske you "what do you bring? why did you check/cross this point and this point?"they asked.. so dont be nervous yaa. FYI... If you are confused about something such as medicine or cosmetic, just declare it. this is to avoid unpredictable situation. but agaiiinnn.. everything is okay.. dont Panic yaaa :D.

(intinya kalau bingung sama barang tertentu, di centang/ di X aja kolom yes- (YES untuk mendeclare). Your luggage will not be opened. there will be a dog which will detect your luggage whether it is containing prohibited stuff or not. If you dont bring that one, you will be okay.

Bringing toiletries such as shampoo, soap, liquid detergent, pasta are very essential also. You do not need to buy in your first day in here since you already have them.

You must bring: Visa, LETTER of Offer, Passport, cash money (no More than $1000 AUS)

Hmmmm... BRING Rp 150.000 (in cash yaaa- this is CHECK IN FEE) ^_^

NOTA BENE: Aha, may be this information will help you, especially your "stomach" when you are waiting for your flight (outside the airport). Please bring your Homemade food such as rendang r sate ayam.. just bring a portion and eat all of it in the airport (SOETTA) before you depart to Australia. This is for these reasons: 1. It is your last time to eat your own home made food. 2. You will be very hungryy at the airport (waiting the time for check in). I brought and eat with Kak Odi n Kak Faruq.. and we were fulllll... not hungry anymoreeee :D

Okay dear matesss, I hope this information will be useful for you. Have a save flight and BE AWED! ^_^


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